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Who Is Patrick Valdez?

Patrick Valdez: a self portrait by Self

Life 0-10

I'll be honest here, I have no recollection whatsoever of actually being born. My earliest memories begin at around the age of four but my first solid memories don't start until around the age of six. So anything I claim to remember before the age of six should be suspect. Some memories are sharper than others but I definitely remember camping, fishing, shooting guns, getting heat stroke, my parents divorcing, getting spanked (for real spankings, by hand, that hurt!), cartoons, starting school, Christmas, the 70's, AM radio, Disco (kinda), the original Battlestar Galactica, the time when TV was not broadcast 24 hours a day, watching my dog get stolen by that scumbag construction worker, getting glasses, developing my dislike for doctors and some other stuff. Damn, looking back those were some good time

Life 11-17

Holy fuck, I was an awkward child/teenager so between the ages of eleven and seventeen there was a lot of angst but also some degree of hope that the future would be so bright that I'd have to wear shades. It wasn't all bad but seriously, fuck high school. Yeah, I graduated but still, fuck high school.

Life 18-Present

Adulthood. Oh yeah, I'm in the big times now baby. I was on top of the world but soon came crashing down but then I picked myself back up and made another go of it but, you guessed it, I fucked up and ended back down in the gutter. But hey, I'm resilient so once again I remade myself to be bigger, faster, stronger and took another shot at it. It hasn't always been pretty but I can't complain. And look, I even have my own website now!

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