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Traffic I, a poem by Patrick Valdez

Each night I stand in the window of my second floor apartment
and I look down onto the street and ask myself,
just how bad can people be at parallel parking?
But before I can answer the question,
I am overwhelmed by the self-entitlement that is reflected
by the way people have chosen to park their vehicles,
on my street.
The utter lack of regard that is displayed
in the name of personal convenience and I am angry,
and powerless
yet I continue to seek a resolution to this conflict
on my street.

by Patrick Valdez


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I live in Saint Paul, but not on this particular street.
I took this photograph on a weekend.
I don't remember now if it was a Saturday or a Sunday but I think it was a Sunday.
There was nothing particularly odd about this scene but all I could imagine was that at night and possibly during the day, random people come here and pee on the walls.
That preconceived notion might have been influenced by the liquor store across the street but I can't say for certain.
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