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Narrative Poem: Morning After by Patrick Valdez

My head is aching and I know that its from too much cheap bourbon from the night before. 
I'm sprawled out on an old leather club chair.
Wearing nothing but my boxer shorts and a tank top and both are filthy with dried liquor and my own piss. 
Think about that for a moment. 
I stink of alcohol and stale cigar smoke and I am not at home.  As I glance around I find myself in a small office. 
The windows are floor to ceiling and covered with old newspaper.  The light coming through the tears is cold and grey. 
It is still early morning and I am think I am someplace downtown because that is where I was the night before.

by Patrick Valdez


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Just Some Street In Saint Paul by Patrick Valdez

This is just some street in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
I live in Saint Paul, but not on this particular street.
I took this photograph on a weekend.
I don't remember now if it was a Saturday or a Sunday but I think it was a Sunday.
There was nothing particularly odd about this scene but all I could imagine was that at night and possibly during the day, random people come here and pee on the walls.
That preconceived notion might have been influenced by the liquor store across the street but I can't say for certain.
In any case, here is a photograph of some street in Saint Paul.