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Fat Punisher: Food Journal [Street Art] by Patrick Valdez

Fat Punisher: Food Journal [Street Art] by Patrick Valdez

Fat Punisher is the recipient of multi-disciplinary food eating skills learned from the menus of fast food joints nationwide as well as several fine dining establishments. While not trained as a professional eater he has received cross-training in basic food preparation specializing in quick snacks. In addition, since beginning his work as an over eater, Fat Punisher has used his eating discipline and training techniques to update and expand his skills in areas that aid in his mission. From this training, Fat Punisher is proficient in not only basic eating skills, but in special double-handed eating techniques and plate balancing. He is highly trained in adding multiple toppings when faced with a buffet and skilled in the use of a variety of sauces and condiments, mainly mayonnaise on fries.


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It is the year two thousand and eighteen.  I have bourbon and cigars.  Life is currently good up here on the frozen tundra.

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First off, I love the crisp white bags with the Spyhouse logo printed on them.  I always feel all ooh la la when I carry one down the street.But I digress.  Secondly, I do not have any negative feelings towards Spyhouse but they really don't make a good cup of coffee or espresso and that is simply my opinion and really; who the fuck am I?

Just Some Street In Saint Paul by Patrick Valdez

This is just some street in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
I live in Saint Paul, but not on this particular street.
I took this photograph on a weekend.
I don't remember now if it was a Saturday or a Sunday but I think it was a Sunday.
There was nothing particularly odd about this scene but all I could imagine was that at night and possibly during the day, random people come here and pee on the walls.
That preconceived notion might have been influenced by the liquor store across the street but I can't say for certain.
In any case, here is a photograph of some street in Saint Paul.